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Art Prints

Finish Your Interior Decor with Well-Made Decorative Art Prints

Almost every wall could be enhanced by the addition of art prints, and there are many reasons for the popularity of this type of decoration. Decorative art prints are far more affordable than original oil paintings, they come in nearly infinite styles and subjects, and of course, add interest to what otherwise might be just plain walls.  


Because of their popularity, decorative art prints can adorn any area of your home from major living and dining areas and entrance foyers to bedroom and bathroom art.  As you might imagine, there are some serious differences in the quality of art prints.


One of the most important factors that go into determining the quality of art prints is the media they are printed on. Cheap prints are typically just copied onto basic paper, with the only upgrade being the possibility of thicker basic paper. Since this type of paper is not resistant to acid, UV rays, or yellowing, it only lasts for a few years before it deteriorates. 

When you want decorative art prints to last for years and to enhance the most important rooms of your home, you need to invest in better materials. Choose images that are printed on paper that is specifically meant for important artwork, such as the Somerset Velvet Paper that we use for all of our prints. This paper resists yellowing, acid, and other typical threats to the beauty of the artwork. It's always worth the investment to spend more on something that you intend to keep for years.

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