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About Us

In 2009, the three of us (Tricia, Don and Lyle) were sitting around the dinner table discussing how much we all loved the collages of artist and mutual friend, Michael Cooper. Don had an inspiration – he would shoot high-resolution photographs of Michael’s work and enlarge the images by 200%, thus creating a whole new perspective on Michael’s designs. The interest of friends and art dealers was immediate and, as a result, we  began making large-scale prints of his colorful, found-art collages. This marked the beginning of our passionate involvement with making oversized photographic versions of original art.

Other artists began asking if we could do the same with their work. BoutiqueART, officially born in March of 2018, currently represents ten artists and their collections. We launched our new website gallery in an effort to connect interior designers, architects and collectors with the work of both inspired newcomers as well as established artists.

BoutiqueART offers a selection of museum-quality photographic, limited edition art prints curated from the work of collage artists, abstract and representational artists and photographers.  We are dedicated to making high quality photo art available to everyone, and at very affordable prices!

We hope you’ll enjoy a tour of our galleries!

All the best,
Tricia, Don and Lyle

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