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Evan Zelermyer

Evan's abstract photography evolved out of years of exploration of New York City’s five boroughs, becoming an attempt to capture the hidden fragments that underlie the daily routines of city life. Through the medium of photography, random details are transformed into images with the drama, atmosphere, energy, vividness and mystery of great abstract painting—in this case, a kind of painting that uses as its brushstrokes the effects of time and decay on the canvas of urban architecture.


Evan grew up in Westchester County and received a BA in Philosophy from Oberlin College. Over the past decade, he has obsessively photographed and documented obscure corners of New York City and other locations on several continents. He has also worked as a graphic designer for over ten years.

Evan Zelermyer- Urban Abstractions
Winter Leaves Evan Zelermyer
Evan Zelermyer - Street Collage
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